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Instructions for glass cleaning machine

According to the functions of the electrical components on the operating platform, start and stop the electrical appliances in the following order:
(1) Turn on the main power (console)
(2) Adjust the position of upper air knife according to glass thickness (four handles in drying section)
(3) Start the blower (console) 15 minutes before each shift
(4) Check whether the water tank is full of water
(5) Set hot air temperature (console)
(6) Heater energized (console)
(7) Turn on water pump (console)
(8) Start brush roller motor (console)
(9) Put the glass plate within the feed section limit
(10) Turn on the inspection lamp (console)
(11) Check the glass at the discharge section and remove it
(12) Turn off the heater at the end of each shift and turn off the blower (console) after three minutes
(13) Turn off the lighting (console)
(14) Brush roller closing motor (console)
(15) Lower the speed regulator to the lowest position (console)
(16) Turn off the transfer roller motor (console)
(17) Turn off the water pump
(18) Turn off the main power supply

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